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Smoothie Bowl Recipe Collection

22 smoothie bowl recipes


Start on the road to feeling better in your energy today by adding nutrient-dense smoothie bowl recipes to your daily breakfast menu plan.

Snacks for Busy Women

Snacks for Busy Women

20 Snack recipes


Balance your blood sugar, improve gut health, and keep you energized with these snack recipes until the next main meal.

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E-Book on Gut Health

Understanding The Basics of Gut Health ($5)

In this e-book, you will learn the basics of good gut health, how you develop dysbiosis and candidiasis, and the foods that support good gut health.
By following this program, you will be supplying your body and your gut with some much-needed support.

E-Book on Leaky Gut

Understanding Leaky Gut ($10)

Since the opening and closing of the gut lining can occur naturally and we need it to do this as part of a protective mechanism, then why is there an issue.The term “leaky gut” refers to a more chronic condition where the gap junctions are open permanently and the intestinal wall lining has atrophied.A healthy gut lining with the proper levels of good bacteria is essential to proper functioning.

E-Book on Candidiasis

Understanding Candidiasis DIY ($25)

Since the good bacteria is involved in the digestion of foods and specific strains aid in digesting specific foods, it only makes sense that missing these strains creates food sensitivities.

This can lead to brain fog, allergies, low energy and indigestion.

This leads to the conclusion that the food is the cause of the problem, when in fact; it is merely the reflection of the problem. 

In this DIY program, you will be given a protocol to follow so you can overcome candidiasis and start feeling good again.

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