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Snacks for Busy Women

20 Snack recipes


Balance your blood sugar, reduce cravings and improve gut health to keep you energized all day with these delicious and easy snack recipes.

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smoothie bowl


Smoothie Bowl Recipe Collection

22 smoothie bowl recipes


Start on the road to feeling better in your energy today by adding nutrient-dense smoothie bowl recipes to your daily breakfast menu plan.  

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Healthy Gut Meal Plan

21-Day Healthy Gut Meal Plan Program

Regular and Gluten-Free ($27)

Make and taste delicious recipes to support your gut for healthy digestion and improved energy!

No matter what issues you may be experiencing, improving the function of your digestive and intestinal systems will help. By following this 21-day menu plan, you will be supplying your body and your gut with some much-needed support.

You will be amazed by how much better you will feel and the new energy and vitality you will experience.

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