Hi, I help tired women improve their energy with better digestion without following strict diets so they can enjoy their food, ditch the discomfort, feel more alive and enjoy their life again!

Let me introduce you to a woman who loves spending time with her family and friends and serving her community.  She also enjoys cooking , trying new recipes and eating good tasting food.  

However, once her children got older and she passed the age of 40 years, she started suffering energy crashes.  Her digestion was off.  She could not enjoy her food like before without suffering from indigestion, occasional stomach pain and bloating.  

She felt her stamina was at her lowest and she tired very easily.  She felt like someone had "pulled the plug" on her as her body was turning against her.

She gave up gluten, started eating more raw food and ventured to try detoxes in a bottle and other concoctions that were only making her feel worse.   .

Sleep interruptions from the food she ate the day before, were common.  Getting up feeling tired was becoming a problem. Constipation was becoming more of a problem.

If only she knew why her digestion and energy was so out of whack.  Was it really the food's fault?

This woman was me.  Can you relate?

Some if not all of these may apply to you:

===>Your body is changing since your 20's and 30's and you are wondering if this is normal or is there a way to fix yourself.

==>You are trying to meet the demands of everyday life but you are feeling extremely tired most of the time.

==>Gluten bothers you and you experience bloating and gas which can make you feel unattractive and uncomfortable in your clothes.  

==>You feel trapped in your body and uncomfortable in your own skin. 

==>Fatigue is crushing at times and you wear "I am so tired" like a badge.

==>You feel more stressed which you may know can trigger indigestion, IBS or sleep disturbances.

==>Brain fog is humiliating because you are not as sharp mentally as you want to be.

==>Waking up at 3:30 am is causing a lot of problems with your day to day functioning.  Getting to sleep and staying asleep is a nightly challenge.

==>You want to age well but you wonder if this is even possible.  

This is why I created my signature program, Freedom From Fatigue Solution to help you find your way out of this feeling of being trapped by your own symptoms and not knowing what to do about it.

I understand because I have used this same system to get me out of feeling sluggish and tired and not being able to enjoy the food I loved to eat with my friends and family.  Now I am on the other side and I want you to get there too.


Improving digestion to free up your energy!

The Freedom From Fatigue Solution is designed in a systematic way to show you how to manage stress, improve your digestion, help you have restful and sound sleep, and increase your energy.  

Benefits of the Program

By the end of this program you will have --

#1 More energy and stamina in your day to day routine so that you will be more active, productive in your day and do the things you enjoy.

#2 Better digestion so that you feel more comfortable in your clothes without feeling bloated all of the time.

#3 Better Stress management so that you can feel calmer, sleep better, and digest your food better.

#4 Improved sleep quality so you can wake up feeling rested with energy to start your day.

This is achieved through a series of 8 Steps:

#1 Hydration - it is not about coffee, or juice but learning what hydration is for the body, the quality of the water you should be drinking and how much you should be drinking.  Also you will learn other ways to hydrate besides just drinking water.

#2 Transit Time - Moving your bowels a few times a week is not good for the body.  This module will teach you how to get your system moving again and the foods that will help you.

#3 Movement - We are a sedentary society and not moving enough is interfering with your digestive health and your energy.  This module will give you the tools to use even if you are tired so you can keep moving and start feeling good again.

#4 Absorption - Eating foods so you can have the energy and health you need is important but what if you are not absorbing those nutrients?  This module will give you the tools you need so you can start digesting better and absorbing your nutrients better.

#5 Salads and Juicing - Eating raw is not for everyone but adding them into your diet will be a key tool to use for increasing your digestive health and having more energy.  This module will show you how.

#6 Magnesium Support - Magnesium is an important mineral and helps with so many functions which includes improving the health of your digestive system and dealing with stress.  This module will give you the recipes you need to help you get more magnesium into your diet.

#7 Restorative Sleep - Quality sleep is not easy for you to achieve every night.  There are habits that need to be changed and stress support needs to be given.  You will be taught about the importance of sleep and the tools you can use to start falling asleep and staying asleep.

#8 Liver Support - The liver is responsible for over 500 functions.  Included in the job of the liver is to help with digestion, hormone balance and detoxification.  In this module you will learn the importance of supporting the liver and how to do it safely so that you can have better digestion and better energy.

#9 Bonuses- Additional Action you can take now to achieve your health goals with recipes that are created by a holistic nutrition professional for vegan, paleo and ominivores. 


  • If you are not willing to try new foods or put simple lifestyle habits into place, then this is not for you.  
  • If you are not willing to commit to your goals and see it through to the end then this is not for you.  
  • If you are not willing to have a "yes I can" mind-set that you can do this along with accountability through private coaching with me, then this is not for you.  
  • If you are going into this with a negative mindset, then this is not for you.

Here is what some of my clients are saying:

Brigitte worked with me through private coaching:

Luana has experienced firsthand healing through nutrition.  This is something that she is very passionate about and she is very knowledgeable.  She is very dedicated and will do her best to help you. She is very good at what she does!!

After working with Luana, I have more energy.  I have lost weight and feel better. I don’t get sick as much either.  I can eat without having heartburn all the time. She has given me knowledge and understanding."

Brigitte C.

Trena worked through the program at her own pace in a group setting and as a self-study.  

 “I like that the program layers the changes that should take place.  Sometimes a program gives you all the changes to do at once. This is a slower, more gentle approach, but incorporates all that needs to change to optimize our health.”  Trena T.

Leanna worked through the program in a group setting and then did private consults with me.  Here is her story:

"I had the privilege of working with Luana over a 6 month period. She provided me with valuable coaching not only with better nutrition, but a whole approach on self care, from exercise,  to better sleep patterns.

My energy levels and stamina have increased greatly, the effects of stress on my body have lessened and I am sleeping much better. Luana was such a joy to work with.

She was always approachable, encouraging and set attainable goals. For those of you who are struggling with fatigue, I would highly recommend her!"  

Leanna K.

100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

My program comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the results you are experiencing after 14 days of implementation and feel this program is not a good fit for you, you will be refunded.  This includes any cancelled sessions.



 Get started by booking  your free call so we can determine the next best steps for you :

Hi!  I'm Luana,

I did not always feel vibrant and energetic.   I experienced many hormone imbalances along the way caused from daily stressors and poor gut function.

I went to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition at the age of 49 to understand my body better and learn how to detox without hurting myself along with optimal nutrition, proper stress management and supplementation protocols.  

This resulted in improving my digestion, better gut function, and energy.

I have created the Freedom From Fatigue Solution so you can spend more time doing the things you love whether that be taking up a new hobby, eating your favorite foods or spending more time with your friends and family.

This is achieved through my signature program called the Freedom From Fatigue Solution for women  who want more energy and better digestion.  This program incorporates holistic nutrition and lifestyle strategies. 

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